Friday, February 12, 2010

Sky Is The Limit....

I met Anthony whilst we both worked at the company that i work for now. He always used to show up in these torn up pair of high top Vans. i was surprised to actually find out that he even knew what Vans were. A couple of months down the line, he started school and had to work as well. usually he would have time to change before coming into work but one day he didn't have the time to change. he showed up at work in a red polo button up, a pair of levi's and matching red polo kicks. i knew me and him would be friends after
i asked to profile him, and the first thing he said was, "this is gonna be your best so far, and i'm the first too? Cmon!!!" i laughed at his statement but it did not bother me one bit because he has always had his confidence level through the roof.
He wears his hair in Dreads, short and of course he is a proud child of Sudanese parents. In a little interview i had whilst taking these pictures, he told me he lived in Egypt for 8 years, and i believe this was due to the war situation in his born country.
I asked him how he got into street wear and sneakers, his response was back in Egypt he just grew to love them, and he remembers paying a hundred dollars for a pair of shoes and he loved them dearly and that's how his love for them started.
He lets me know that back in middle school he had the opportunity of having only one pair of shoes every year, and this was a pair of FUBU's he had. He really did not like them but that was the rule in the house and by his parents.
From that day on he decided that when he grew up and was able to work, he would not let anything deter him from getting whatever he wanted especially sneakers.
Anthony is only 19, currently in Nashville State College, and drives a 2006 Ford Mustang. At 19, he is currently not sure of what he wants to be in future. He mentioned that he wanted to be a doctor, but it will take a minute.
i admire his attitude to life, he is confident, gets what he wants and most importantly, he will never let you forget that is African. How would you forget? his skin tone show's
i received a text from Anthony this week telling me he bought 6 pairs of shoes last week, and right before i posted this up, he bought another pair of Supra's on karmaloop. A Sneaker Addict, a friend, a dope style on his own with his dread locks, ladies and gentlemen i present my friend Anthony Lasu.