Sunday, January 31, 2010


Grammy weekend it was...all the stars came out to play, from the hideous but seemingly fashion trendsetter Gaga to even Pleasure P who was accused of sexual molestation and being a pedophile. everybody was out to play and get their 20 seconds of fame. i'll admit i never miss the grammys but i was driving somehwere when it started, so i missed gaga'a and bey's performances but it looks like those were the best performance's of the night anyways so i was outta luck trying to catch up on anything good the rest of the show.
After i got to watching BEP, they tried to get me in the phunk mood, but nah, that didnt even work,heck, even maxwell tried, he sounded off and so did taylor swift. the drake,weezy and em performances were ok, why? they decided to bleep out half the performance, meaning #epicfail. the whole night seemed a lil' off..
The MJ tribute with those wack 3D glasses didnt work, heck, it got my home girl's eyes hurting in the process. i wonder why it had to be 3d? in the midst of trying to get the 3d effect i missed the whole point of the performance. i really wish people would stop trying to pay tribute to MJ because it can never be done. he's a legend and his work's are not to be duplicated, thus, j,hud,usher,celine, sit your asses somewhere. #imjustsaying,lol. i enjoyed seeing celine dione tho, i havent seen her in ages and she looked flawless, like she has never aged in her life.
oh Lord...Rihanna was top notch, she looked hawt. last year, she couldnt make it because she was being beat up on. This year i'm so glad she made it and she came with the fierceness as well, ice princess looking type of shit,lol. i love Rihanna for breaking the rules in a very fashionable and real way,uncompared to gaga(my opinion).
Keri Hilson looked hawt as well....she always does. i believe if any girl can rock pair of sneakers and look hot and pull 'em off they can pretty much wear anything(my opinion)
on that note the grammys were boring, and long, everyone who watched it would agree.
oh hold up, how can i forget jamie foxx,t-pain dracula looking ass and his r%^&*($d sister,lmao, a hot ass mess!!!!

StanDINg OvATIon...

i can't be anymore proud than i am today to be Ghanaian. My boys in the African cup of nations played the finals and lost to Egypt in the finals today. even though i did not watch the match, i beleive they played their hearts out and made the best of the situation. we came second to Egypt but in my eyes, we are the best African team there ever is, and please don't be on that hating shit. we will conquer at the world cup even though i heard we are in a tough ass group. all the same i wish i was in Ghana during these matches because i know how y'all throw it down there. congratulations black stars of Ghana and standing ovations are due!!!!! God bless y'all esp. fine ass John Mensah, #imjustsaying lol.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bass love...

i'm on my grown woman shit, that mean's i don't daydream about nike's no more,yes, fred, i gave it up. i walked into a finish line store a couple of months ago and walked right out. in previous times, i would be in there for hours searching and looking and buying. it's over now and i feel like i have evolved into this different person and i'm loving it.
here are a pair of boots from Bass that i fell in love with apart from their other awesome stuff they do, and NO, it's not the Polo boots that your boyfriend has been wearing and feeling like he's the shit in....
i won't be getting these soon because winter is so short in TN but there are other bass product's that i'm getting and can't wait.
all the same, these are dope and a must have if you live in a constantly cold place like my friend Seyram does in cold ass


i don't think i'm comfortable with kanye's jeans getting skinnier than his girl's. he's standing like a bitch and there are so many wrong's with this picture. #imjustsaying


i heard about this cat when i was in Ghana...never bothered to really catch on but his track jump aboard got me, then i heard nothing from him. my cousin just emailed me his album after calling me and telling me bout it. it's hawt..if you into hip hop you jus t might like dude and he's from the motherland yo, you better get with the programme,lol
my fav's on this will be of course jump aboard, and anything with the sante chic, i love her voice. the funniest song on this is the one with wanlov,gotta love dude, he makes any song fun. shout out to debby and wanlov. they make me proud everyday.
now, back to this snow crap....still snowed in, whilst in here, this album is keeping me highly entertained....

Where the Hell is Summer?

summer? where are you? so after i predicted there was no ounce of snow, guess what? there's been so much snow it's driving me crazy. due to the weather my class was cancelled and i've been stuck at home all day. tennessee hardly see's snow so hey i guess we'll just live with it. on that note, i hope school is cancelled on monday as well cuz i need a vacation already. yessir!!!!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

ThE SaRtoRIAList

so, i don't know if y'all are up on this dude's photography or style but just so you know, he takes pics for GQ,Vogue and a bunch of magazines and editorials out there. you should know about him, i don't know how you wouldn't, but ok now to the main point of these 2 picture's.
i want to believe they are the same people, if they are, then i'm officially a big fan of this chic. i can relate to both pics because its a cross breed between playing with gender, playful, and adventurous as well. i'm a combination of both in these pics, if i could merge both together, that would be me.

Apple Ipad...

after much anticipation about apple's conference they have every year, this piece of crap was released. now, for some reason i was not hyped about this year's convention because i already have enough on my brain with school and work than too be thinking about apple. all i need is my macbook and iphone,i'm good.
i hate the name for this seemingly ebook or whatever you wanna call it. didnt apple have a consumer market that gave them ideas on names? the dumb idiot that chose the name will regret it forever because you will never catch me using the word i and pad in one sentence.
i'm not an avid reader but if you are, i assume this will interest you. i admire the big sceen ipod,yes, ipod, which could be turned into a net book with its keyboard as well. it's a good look but me personally, i was hoping for new OS for the iphone or better tasks on the iphone.hope y'all geeks enjoy this one.


i don't want to write a review about this album till i get my copy ....but just so y'all know it drops Feb.8th.i'm officially stoked.

Mz. BerRy!!!

i love this woman...this casual look is sooo dope!the boyfriend jeans cannot be pulled off by anyone. she did a great job and of course those shades compliment her look even even more!!!

Sn0w DAy

so...i struggle to get my butt up in school, heck, i know it's supposed to snow but i'm in m'boro and no ounce of snow so i'm thinking im being a good student and everything is rolling on fine. i check my email...womp!!!my last 2 classes have been cancelled. i'm currently crashing in the library,waiting to go to my optional class that was not cancelled because i want to believe i'm a good student,lol.
i just learnt it's crazy out there in nashville so hey,if you out there,keep it safe people.
have a wonderful weekend y'all....xoxo


I've never been in love with kr3w...but this i can definetely digg!!!hawt....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BuM aLErT...

i wanted this week to start on a good note, considering the fact that i had an amazing weekend surrounded by people i love and who love me. i decided to miss history class on monday due to the fact that i was up late up to no good(wink),lol, anyways, after making my decision my teacher decides to cancell my class due to the fact that she was sick (yayyyyy) so i thought the week had started on a good note, hell, everything was going my way. i made it to the rest of my classes for the day.
Tuesday gets here, and if you know me i stretch work..meaning i'm in school fulltime and work m-f 4.30pm-3:00 am....and still find time to pursue my OTHER dreams and still play. i totally miss Nutrition class because i was tired, cold and too lazy to get my ass outta bed= to being a BUM.
Wednesday...i'm here, totally looking like a BUM cuz i didnt have time to put anything together but i think i'm still descent today. Express jacket, good ol' chucks,this awesome forever XX1 jeans that i love just because the pockets and threads on these are dope and besides cheap. anyways, i'm hoping to finish this week on a good note...meaning go to all y classes!!!lol
Oh...and i get to profile a friend of mine this weekend, take some pics and just hang out. once again surrounded by people i love and who love me, i'm officially stoked!!!lol.....y'all have a good week people and all the best in whatever you do.XoXo

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Varsity jacket 2

you know how as a kid you always want that one toy, shoe, or candy? well, this is how i feel about this jacket. it goes beyond love.
i have been looking at this jacket for ages on their website ( and everyday i go back to look at it. yeah i know, it's obsession or call it whatever you want but it boils down to the fact that i will own this jacket by the end of the year. its 480 dollars, i think its a bit on the high side for me since i'm still in school, and working fulltime and got people in my country Ghana that i gotta look out for. All the same, i fasasha, will own this jacket one day. AMEN!!!!
the first pic has sham shirley (you should know her by now) and the ladies of the BKC...pure fye!!!

Louis baby!!

there is something about owning a legendary product from a legendary designer that noone knows. this is a louis vuitton bag coming up in their spring line. i'm totally in love with this because for once it doesnt have the logo plastered all over it. i like being in secrecy with certain stuff and this is one of them.
if i have this bag i'm not gonna tell you it's louis but if you are probably on the level that i'm on, you would know that i know its vuitton. loves it!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Varsity jacket

i've always had issues with certain stuff being dope for guys than girls. it's a fact, i know alot of girls who will buy a pair of vans or j's that were designed for men in women's size's than buy the ugly pair of kicks nike designs with the ugly color ways cause they think it's girly. i admire them trying but most girls in love with kicks and in the sneaker game don't buy such kicks.
similar situation with the varsity jacket, i have been looking for one to buy but anytime i find 'em its extra large for me and preferably a small or extra small for guys.
i found this awesome varsity jacket on urban outfitters by's not your typical varsity jacket for guys, it's cut right for girls. the color is perfect. looks like its jeans but it's not. i see myself wearing this with just a plain t and some oxfords just like the model has on....or wait, i can flip it and wear a pair of high top kicks with it, aint no telling. simply puti love this jacket. its a cross breed...its the perfect varsity jacket.

Best Dressed....

Such a huge relief to go to and see my boys josh and trav do their thing, why? cuz after seeing all the unwearable and unrealistic lines at the paris fashion week, this was such a huge relief. now, let me let you know a couple facts about these guys, firstly, josh is GHANAIAN, he's from my country which makes me so proud of this dude. second, streetetiquette isinto details, tells you where you can put your looks together and this should make any man happy. thirdly, i hate the fact that they don't have a female partner cuz i totally NEED that,lol and they take some great photo's as well. they make me wanna move to New York everytime i see their pics.
i love these must you, if you are reading this...if not, you don't need to be on here,period. thanks for making my day josh and trav. keep the good shit coming....

hell naw!!!

this is what i'm talking about....what in the world does this dude have on? i like the whole get up, im excited to see him then i look at his really???? my grandma would even do a better job.
i hate the moustache on him as well but then again its pharrell right? hell nah, this is a no no!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


i'm totally in love with these looks from c.breezy!!! hawt.....look at those shoes!!!i'm in awe...

Paris Fashion Week

So, the fella's that i admire in fashion and music are in paris for men's wear for the paris fashion week. now, i have viewed a couple of lines from dior, lanvin, and bottega veneta and none are wearable and realistic. i guess that is what fashion is about.
kanye and his wifey showed up everywhere, like the rock stars they were, they looked over outfitted and simply put, like rock stars. here are a couple of pics of them from fashion week and oh i hate those christian louboutin shoes he got on and pharrell? that moustache is horrible, so are those nike boots you got on. i like c.breezy's looks though, well put together.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Genghis Grill!!!!

flashing lights,range rovers, maserati's and the lush of luxury, that's where one of my favorite spot,hangout and restaurant is at.... Genghis Grill.Atmosphere is very chill and a great hangout for me and anyone i consider special, that means if you consider yourself my friend and i have not taken you there? you should consider yourself not that special.(just saying)
Genghis grill is a Mongolian restaurant,where you pick your meat, whether its chicken,shrimp, sausage or whatever with your vegatables, a sauce,stir fried with a side of rice or noodles and BAM,there you have it....a great meal. It's in Brentwood so hey if you really want a place to enjoy a great meal with a great atmosphere, Genghis GRILL is your spot! gotta get myself to work,hope y'all have a great week! deuces!!!