Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Turn Up My Natural High....

Friday was a memorable one. i decided to take my braids out.I have been planning to go natural for a while now and never had the balls to do i invited my friend Amber to come over and help with the process since she's familiar with it (she has natural hair as well). Despite the disapproval from my mum and a couple of friends not to cut my hair, i was willing to do what would make me happy. Amber cut the relaxed ends of my hair and i ended up at the barber shop with jasmine on Monday to get it shaped up.
Having natural hair involves a lot of time, PATIENCE, and care. if you lack the self-esteem and self worth, having natural hair will not work for you.(my opinion)
i have had people stare at me, since i got the cut,maybe, they think i'm strange, or not, frankly i don't care.
My first appearance at work with my hair was met with approval from my friends.
A co-worker who was African threw jokes at me for looking African. i felt that was very ignorant of him since looking African was NEVER a bad thing or was having natural hair an African trait. i ignored the snooty comment after i told him my piece of
it's a great feeling waking up and realizing that i don't have to do anything apart from patt my hair down.
Ever since i've been a kid,i've never loved long hair.
i'm excited about my new journey and i'm ready to grow my natural hair out and have a big ass afro like my friend