Sunday, June 6, 2010


I got to give it to Africans, some of us work so hard its insane. My friend George is the owner of the clothing line, Araknyia. George sells his t-shirts from the trunk of his car, and that's his side hustle.He doesn't hustle illegally like most of you guys. His passion is fashion and he pursues it intensely. He recently sent me a sample t shirt from his collection and i was impressed at the quality and sizing of the t's, not forgetting the design. This happens to be his first collection and the kid has talent.
I matched this one with a black cardigan, a pair of skinny's and a pair of oxfords and not forgetting the accessories and my fedora.
PS.the name araknyia was adopted from the name arachind. the concept of it is to shape your world as u go on in life..
the logo represents the spiders power to manifest its own desires.