Friday, March 19, 2010

Birthday Babies

So every year i try to go dressy, just because i love being dressed up like a barbie doll by my friends who enjoy making me up and all of the other stuff...blah!lol. these are the shoes i have in mind even though i haven't picked out a look yet. Any suggestions are welcome. yes/no? PS. the heels are not that high so Thank you Lord!lol


Caty Posh said...

I love the shoes!!! They are absolutely fabulous! Either color will work just fine. It all depends on the look and style you want to go for with one being patent and the other suede. Wow! how much? They are platforms, so I'm hoping it will be as comfortable as it looks. I want the black one. I love high heels, but this length is not bad at all for street walk....I could wear this to work and not have to carry them in my bag while I walk in my flats...Lol. Nice, very nice shoes! :)

fasasha said...

it's actually blue, but yeah i think i'll get them,they are on sale for 120 on karmaloop!