Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ouigi! “The Bearded Man” Theodore

This was no surprise to me. If he hadn't made the cut,then i would really be upset. Why? 'The Bearded Man' of The Brooklyn Circus is undeniably stylish.He made it on the 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers List. A mix of the old and new, what do you get? Ouigi and The BKc. He is 32, creative director of and partner at the Brooklyn Circus and BKc Men’s; Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. The BKc is one store i have grown to love. BKc gives you a mix of vintage and class. It's one brand that distinguishes itself amongst it's peers. BKc is classy,fun, and captures the essence of why you should be sharply dressed. I plan on visiting the BKc this summer if i make it to New York and i hear the staff is very friendly. Hope i get to meet him one day and all the other crew members, such as Bevin,Sham and Adam.