Friday, May 28, 2010

Distant Relatives

Nas and Damian Marley, presents 'Distant Relatives' two of the most prolific artists ever to come together to drop an album. Forget jay-z and r.kelly, this is a classic anyone who appreciates music should have. i've been so busy i haven't had time to pick up CDs lately but today i made my way to the CD store and picked up 'distant relatives' and 'the ArchAndroid'. i have never been this excited to own both CDs and all of these lived up to their hype. Jeez, even Nas goes in on his recent divorce from Kelis, and Damian Marley goes so hard it's crazy. What amazed me most was the packaging of the CD, it was the paperback kind, and the artwork and design is the best i've seen so far, why? because it's afrocentric. There's an African map between the two artist's on the cover and a message by Marcus Gavey on the back of the CD, it states "A people without the knowledge of their past history,origin and culture is like a tree without roots" The whole Cd takes you back to your roots,if you are black,you know your roots,i'm a proud African,and this highlight of Africa stimulates my mind and makes me see the richness of Africa. I believe the world will need Africa soon,very soon we will be on the tip of every tongue and we will shine. Thanks Damian and Nas, this has got to be the best album of the year so far......