Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fasasha: A lil' about me

I don't have a title for this note,nor do i claim to be a writer of any sort. i grew up in Ghana, a rich country in all aspects in West Africa. Growing up was hard for me,my mum was constantly on the go from one country to the other in order for greener pastures. I was mostly brought up by my dad,a brother whom i love dearly,uncles and a multitude of boys in the family. Growing up, i was not your regular girl who wanted the barbie toys and play houses, i could care less for toys. I ran around the house shirtless, and i remember my mum chasing me to give me my own medicine. i grew up a tom boy as most American's would say but at the same time when growing up my mum would come back from trips with dresses and shoes for me,i loved every single one of them yet i loved hanging with the boys and that's how i fell in love with the opposite sex. i wore combat boots at the age of 4 with jeans jackets, and that style hasn't left me till today.
The reason for this is just to explain to some of reader's why i blog so much about the opposite sex and their clothes and why i upload so much clothes for men. i like picking men's clothing and putting a feminine twist to it. i believe this styling has been around for ages,but this means a lot to me since most times i'm stereotyped by a lot of people,especially my African colleagues who look at me and dare i say it call me whatever they want. i want to be the girl who stands different at a party,or gathering. The girl you look at that dressed up from her boyfriends closet and still has her feminity intact and massive sex appeal. It's been done for ages,centuries, and i'm not the first to start. Being African doesn't mean you need to be in a box, and i wish they would see that.
i will continue to admire my sense of style,regardless of what anyone thinks.I'm me,my past experiences influence me and so does my sense of style. i look up to ladies like shirley sham,who dresses up from a man's closet but yet her sex appeal and feminity is still intact.love you shirley!


Solomon said...

word!!! "NORMAL" IS BORING. i think i'll be doing a reprise to this soon. like a remix (my male version. not in a sissy sense though).. all thumbs up!!!!

Anonymous said...

When everyone else is following fashion, you're making it! Good for you. Conformity is a form of death for some. Its good to see you're innovative, independent and creative enough not to be in danger of having that to deal with- F****ing Brilliant in fact!

Chantal Lawson said...

Africans in general need to embrace individuality and independence in all forms;independence in choice and preference when it comes to culture,entertainment,fashion,religion,everything under the sun and it warms my heart to see that you are standing up for what you belive in.Ilove this piece Naa Kwaley

Kwabena said...

nice piece. the thing is we all wanna be different but then we keep doing the same thing. i like your style. we actually need more girls like you. keep doing your thang!