Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer Essential:The White V-Neck T

White to me is regal,meaning you can throw me in mud, put me in anything white and i will feel clean and like i'm sitting on top of the world,with my muddy face. That's what wearing anything white does to me.
I wear alot of t's during the summer,so should everybody, and i wear the hell out of them as well. It's like my mind is programmed that whenever i get ready to go anywhere and it's hot,the White V-neck t is my first option. Accessorizing the White t is easy, you can throw on anything, and it will match with it. i'ma very easy person when it comes to my clothes,i don't like any commotion with my clothing,at all.
The other thing i love about the White V Neck t is that it shows some skin,jeez it's hot out there and if you are trying to throw some sex appeal out there it's your best bet. How many do i have? i don't keep the number because i like to have them looking crispy white so after about 2/3 wears, i get new sets! Toast to one of the greatest inventions in my world,the White V-neck T!
Where do i get them? Target,TJ Maxx F21 and really anywhere they've got them on sale,lol!
PS. Your favorite celebrities rock white v-neck t's all summer as well!!!