Monday, May 10, 2010

Skateboard Obama x NERD Oprah

The pic with Oprah in, is kind of hypocritical to me. I haven't watched Oprah in years just due to the fact that i work strange hours but i've been aware of the fact that she doesn't do Hip Hop so i'm wondering why she's hanging with Pharrell and P.Diddy in the club? It's funny but i wish there was one person in that pic,and that would be 50 cent,now, you know he would not pretend,dude would get at Oprah and call her ass out like he does with everybody. Even though 50 ain't had a serious hit in years one thing i like about dude is that he keeps it real.Waddup 50!lol
Now y'all know i fucks with Obama so i'm not even gonna dick ride him like Thugnificent and on that episode of Boondocks but he gets extra cool points for hanging with my hubby (wink).lol.