Monday, May 10, 2010


You know you want that lifestyle,Rugby,Polo,YSL,Chanel,Gant,Black Label, Louis Vuitton and you can live that life all day, well, all your life. Hopping on yachts,catching the tropical waves with your super wayfarers, probably that Moet, Ace of Spades,Moscato in your hand but guess what? It's only in your head till you decide to make that life for yourself. I believe we are the only one's that can make our dreams come true,not your Family,Government or even the country you live in,Africa,Germany,London, everyone can make their dreams come true.Don't sleep,Grind and you just might live the life in these pictures from Gant's Fall/Summer collection.
PS.Pardon my French, the je ne sais quoi got me on cloud 9,that's all i hear you saying!!