Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bass love...

i'm on my grown woman shit, that mean's i don't daydream about nike's no more,yes, fred, i gave it up. i walked into a finish line store a couple of months ago and walked right out. in previous times, i would be in there for hours searching and looking and buying. it's over now and i feel like i have evolved into this different person and i'm loving it.
here are a pair of boots from Bass that i fell in love with apart from their other awesome stuff they do, and NO, it's not the Polo boots that your boyfriend has been wearing and feeling like he's the shit in....
i won't be getting these soon because winter is so short in TN but there are other bass product's that i'm getting and can't wait.
all the same, these are dope and a must have if you live in a constantly cold place like my friend Seyram does in cold ass