Monday, January 25, 2010

The Varsity jacket

i've always had issues with certain stuff being dope for guys than girls. it's a fact, i know alot of girls who will buy a pair of vans or j's that were designed for men in women's size's than buy the ugly pair of kicks nike designs with the ugly color ways cause they think it's girly. i admire them trying but most girls in love with kicks and in the sneaker game don't buy such kicks.
similar situation with the varsity jacket, i have been looking for one to buy but anytime i find 'em its extra large for me and preferably a small or extra small for guys.
i found this awesome varsity jacket on urban outfitters by's not your typical varsity jacket for guys, it's cut right for girls. the color is perfect. looks like its jeans but it's not. i see myself wearing this with just a plain t and some oxfords just like the model has on....or wait, i can flip it and wear a pair of high top kicks with it, aint no telling. simply puti love this jacket. its a cross breed...its the perfect varsity jacket.


musique. said...

i actually LOVE this jacket.

fasasha said...

lol...told ya!!!