Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Varsity jacket 2

you know how as a kid you always want that one toy, shoe, or candy? well, this is how i feel about this jacket. it goes beyond love.
i have been looking at this jacket for ages on their website (www.thebkcirccus.com) and everyday i go back to look at it. yeah i know, it's obsession or call it whatever you want but it boils down to the fact that i will own this jacket by the end of the year. its 480 dollars, i think its a bit on the high side for me since i'm still in school, and working fulltime and got people in my country Ghana that i gotta look out for. All the same, i fasasha, will own this jacket one day. AMEN!!!!
the first pic has sham shirley (you should know her by now) and the ladies of the BKC...pure fye!!!