Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Ressurection

On my way back from my New Years Cleveland trip, i stopped over in Cincinnati to pick up the new VIBE. i was excited to pick that up because when i heard VIBE was going out of business it saddened me. To me it felt like the whole Hip hop culture was going down the drain; from sagging hip hop music sales and now the VIBE magazine which showcased some of Hip Hop's essential sides and it's relevance. 2010 witnessed the emergence of Stanky Leg, which even made hip hop look worse but yet fun and also no other than the southern influences especially from Gucci Mane and a bunch of rappers from the ATL.

The new Vibe had Drizzy on its cover which was a good look,dude does not have an official album out yet but still had grammy nominations, now, who even does that? VIBE had a new layout as well, which im a big fan of. It had future prospective look to it, very AVATAR-ish,lol, which i could really dig. Anyways the articles were dope and also featured celebrity bloggers which i constantly check on like's natasha. my favorite article which enlightened me on the music industry was Shakir's suicide last year. the record industry is a mean and dark game, that's all i got to say... couldn't care less for that chris brown interview.

Anyways, VIBE's new look is a great look and i hope it's here to stay. none the less, i subscribed to it before it got cancelled so i need to call them ASAP and get that situation rectified....nyways all the best of the week to my fly,solo dolo peeps out there...remember to stay warm.


musique. said...

wow. i like it...a lot. :))))