Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Backpack Know1edge

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So one night i decide to go through my usual Karmaloop.com window shopping. i really was not interested in buying anything, shoot, i'm already way over my budget for the month.lol. i decided ok im on the look out for a back pack since mine's was stolen in the library right before exams, together with my macbook :-(((, and i found the new love of my street wear life
This is from a chinese street brand called know1edge...now, my fascination with this is, it's pure canvas material,a definite plus in my world. The brown leather brings out the color of the canvas and look at the zipper sleeves on there? made from the leather on the bag,sooo dope! it has space for my macbook and yes! i gotta new one,AMEN!lol...
the only down side about my new fascination is, the canvas will get dirty quick, im considering the fact that i'm always on the move, and my backpack WILL not be my priority, meaning, it will be slammed on the floor,desk and on the seats of my car. All the same, i will protect my new investment with my heart and try not to make it dirty....NOT!!!
here's a link to their blog http://hypebeast.com/blog/hknow1edge/ check 'em out and oh if you happen to find this backpack anywhere,lemme noe!!hahahahaha!!!..


musique. said...

HOT! i hope you don't get it dirty!

fasasha said...

i'll try not to...lol