Friday, January 15, 2010

The City Is Mine

was doing my usual street cyber stalking, looking for some good shit,new trends and still trying to look and analyze my schedule for classes! i'm like ok nothing interesting, then i see these pics of my hommie(i wish) jay's new pics in a magazine called interview. ok so i have seen jay at his worst in photoshoots, in the press but these pics have a very free feel to it. jay lloks realxed and at the same time commanding respect from the game. looks like he turned it down a notch for this shoot and its just fabolous. its my wallpaper now and i just had to let y'all get a peep at this!
these are some of the reasons why i love his hustle. he milks every album he has, out sells concerts, endorsements, still runs a label and a fashion line, a wifey to cater to and still finds time to do interviews and come out with great shit like this. more props to your hustle jay, work ethics are commendable.
on that note, gotta get back to my own hustle of school, work, and a wonderful relationship!!!! deuces y'all