Sunday, January 31, 2010


Grammy weekend it was...all the stars came out to play, from the hideous but seemingly fashion trendsetter Gaga to even Pleasure P who was accused of sexual molestation and being a pedophile. everybody was out to play and get their 20 seconds of fame. i'll admit i never miss the grammys but i was driving somehwere when it started, so i missed gaga'a and bey's performances but it looks like those were the best performance's of the night anyways so i was outta luck trying to catch up on anything good the rest of the show.
After i got to watching BEP, they tried to get me in the phunk mood, but nah, that didnt even work,heck, even maxwell tried, he sounded off and so did taylor swift. the drake,weezy and em performances were ok, why? they decided to bleep out half the performance, meaning #epicfail. the whole night seemed a lil' off..
The MJ tribute with those wack 3D glasses didnt work, heck, it got my home girl's eyes hurting in the process. i wonder why it had to be 3d? in the midst of trying to get the 3d effect i missed the whole point of the performance. i really wish people would stop trying to pay tribute to MJ because it can never be done. he's a legend and his work's are not to be duplicated, thus, j,hud,usher,celine, sit your asses somewhere. #imjustsaying,lol. i enjoyed seeing celine dione tho, i havent seen her in ages and she looked flawless, like she has never aged in her life.
oh Lord...Rihanna was top notch, she looked hawt. last year, she couldnt make it because she was being beat up on. This year i'm so glad she made it and she came with the fierceness as well, ice princess looking type of shit,lol. i love Rihanna for breaking the rules in a very fashionable and real way,uncompared to gaga(my opinion).
Keri Hilson looked hawt as well....she always does. i believe if any girl can rock pair of sneakers and look hot and pull 'em off they can pretty much wear anything(my opinion)
on that note the grammys were boring, and long, everyone who watched it would agree.
oh hold up, how can i forget jamie foxx,t-pain dracula looking ass and his r%^&*($d sister,lmao, a hot ass mess!!!!