Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BuM aLErT...

i wanted this week to start on a good note, considering the fact that i had an amazing weekend surrounded by people i love and who love me. i decided to miss history class on monday due to the fact that i was up late up to no good(wink),lol, anyways, after making my decision my teacher decides to cancell my class due to the fact that she was sick (yayyyyy) so i thought the week had started on a good note, hell, everything was going my way. i made it to the rest of my classes for the day.
Tuesday gets here, and if you know me i stretch work..meaning i'm in school fulltime and work m-f 4.30pm-3:00 am....and still find time to pursue my OTHER dreams and still play. i totally miss Nutrition class because i was tired, cold and too lazy to get my ass outta bed= to being a BUM.
Wednesday...i'm here, totally looking like a BUM cuz i didnt have time to put anything together but i think i'm still descent today. Express jacket, good ol' chucks,this awesome forever XX1 jeans that i love just because the pockets and threads on these are dope and besides cheap. anyways, i'm hoping to finish this week on a good note...meaning go to all y classes!!!lol
Oh...and i get to profile a friend of mine this weekend, take some pics and just hang out. once again surrounded by people i love and who love me, i'm officially stoked!!!lol.....y'all have a good week people and all the best in whatever you do.XoXo