Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pure A.P.C. Lush!!!!

The innovator of A.P.C. is Jean Touitou. He created this label in 1988, which was meant to be casual wear but yet chic and classy on it's own. it's now labelled and known mostly to alot of people in France as the 'french Gap'. i found this on his North american online site when i decided one day i'd be interested in owning something A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Creation)
i couldn't help but be in awe of his sheep skinned lined indian boots. i have a similar pair from FOREVER 21, yeah i know, it was 21 dollars, and i adore those shoes. they are made from cheap material and are kinda uncomfortable to wear but these A.P.C.'s???? wow, they look like pure comfort, something from HUSH PUPPIES. The design is very hippie-ish,classy and retro as well. I tried to buy these on their site but it would not let me. i hope i get to own these one day because i will be on ebay looking for it as well. if anyone finds it's whereabout's,please let a girl know.
oh and for the record, i'm back in school on Thursday(BOOOOOO!) but hey i will try to update my blog as much as i can. i work fulltime and school fulltime so hey, a girl can only try. deuces and love the life you love!


musique. said...

The French Gap huh? didn't know that! COOL! hope you find your shoes! :)

fasasha said...

hmmmm, i hope so!