Friday, January 29, 2010

Apple Ipad...

after much anticipation about apple's conference they have every year, this piece of crap was released. now, for some reason i was not hyped about this year's convention because i already have enough on my brain with school and work than too be thinking about apple. all i need is my macbook and iphone,i'm good.
i hate the name for this seemingly ebook or whatever you wanna call it. didnt apple have a consumer market that gave them ideas on names? the dumb idiot that chose the name will regret it forever because you will never catch me using the word i and pad in one sentence.
i'm not an avid reader but if you are, i assume this will interest you. i admire the big sceen ipod,yes, ipod, which could be turned into a net book with its keyboard as well. it's a good look but me personally, i was hoping for new OS for the iphone or better tasks on the iphone.hope y'all geeks enjoy this one.